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Fanai Chiropractic&Wellness

Happy to see you visiting the website of Fanai Chiropractic- a nearby chiropractic clinic in orange county, we first congratulate you on joining millions of American who not only prefer effective pain management, but also looking to relief from Neck Pain, Back pain and Headache safely.  We are dedicated to our result oriented chiropractic care through finding and fixing the cause of your pain. We strive to provide you a personalized treatment, continuous education and with as little pain as possible.

Again, Thank you for visiting the website of Fanai Chiropractic- a nearby chiropractic clinic in orange county. We hope you enjoy the information on (Fanai Chiropractic), share it with others and remember to come back often.

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Area of Expertise


Active and Manual Therapy


Sports Injury


Ergonomic and Posture Rehabilitation

Personal Injury

Personal Injury / Auto Accident Injury

Fanai Chiropractic&Wellness

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275 Victoria St. Ste 2A
Costa Mesa, California 92627


Chiropractic & wellness

At Fanai Chiropractic & Wellness, Costa Mesa, Orange County,  treatment plan will be customized to your needs. Research calls Chiropractic care a commonly used therapeutic intervention for the treatment of pain disorders. Recent smaller studies show chiropractic might be helpful for headaches and migraine. This valuable study used a comprehensive model of chiropractic treatment. That include soft tissue mobilization, spinal manipulation, postural and spinal stabilization and correctional exercises.

These chiropractic interventions are summarized as follows:

·         posture analysis/spinal corrective exercises

·         soft tissue relaxation Modalities

·         spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustment)/Spinal mobilization

·         breathing techniques

·         stretches, self-care

·         ergonomic correction

·         bracing and biomechanical supports

No matter if you have been in a recent personal injury or you want a kick to boost your immune system. Fanai Chiropractic & Wellness, Costa Mesa, Orange County services can help you reach your health goals.
— Fanai Chiropractic & wellness center, 92627 chiropractor